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Oportunidad de negocio del Banco Asiático de Desarrollo en el sector de la energía solar en Uzbekistán

Se trata de un servicio de consultoría para la supervisión (Project Management) de un proyecto de construcción de una planta de energía solar, así como la capacitación de agencia estatal a cargo del proyecto (Uzbenergo). La cuantía del contrato de 7 millones de dólares, una oportunidad muy interesante para las empresas españolas especializadas en energía solar. Las empresas interesadas deberán seguir el proceso de licitación de contratos del BAsD, para lo que la Oficina Comercial de a embajada española en el país puede prestar la información y el asesoramiento necesario.


Información facilitada por el BAsD:


Título de la información Servicio de consultoría en proyecto de construcción de una planta de energía solar en Uzbekistán, gestionado por la AE SJSC Uzbekenergo
Contrato Consultoría asociada a préstamo
País Uzbekistán
Referencia 45120-003
Nombre del proyecto Samarkand Solar Power Project

The Samarkand Solar Power project (the Project) aims to increase renewable energy generation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in Uzbekistan. The Project has three main components:

(i) construction of a 100 megawatt-electricity (MW) grid-connected crystalline silicon photovoltaic power plant with fixed tilt assembly including transmission and support facilities;
(ii) institutional capacity development for Uzbekenergo, and,
(iii) institutional capacity development for solar energy stakeholders

The assignment will require the services of a multidisciplinary team of consultants. Animplementation consulting firm (the Firm) with international and national experts experienced in design of solar PV power plants is required to oversee, monitor and supervise the construction and commissioning work. The Firm will also develop and implement institutional capacity development plans based on the solar energy development roadmap action plan and capacity development plans developed under the PPTA.

The scope of work is divided into two main parts:

1. Project monitoring and supervision: including but not limited to the following:

(i) Review, update and assist Uzbekenergo in executing the procurement and implementation plans based on the bid evaluation and bid evaluation report completed by the PPTA consultant.

(ii) Prepare a project implementation manual covering the project organization, payment procedures, and project time schedule and quality assurance program

(iii) Develop and implement a construction quality assurance program;

(iv) Prepare the overall disbursement plan, monitor costs, and maintain project accounts;

(v) Review and approve the engineering design drawings, calculations, delivery program, and documents submitted by the contractors;

(vi) Reconfirm technical specifications and update if deemed deficient;

(vii) Ensure that any land acquisition and involuntary resettlement are fully compensated and other requirements stipulated in the Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan (LARP) are fully implemented before the commencement of works;

(viii) Assist with the implementation and, if necessary, periodic revisions of the LARP and ensure timely reporting on LARP implementation in the quarterly report. Assist the executing agency and the local government with necessary public consultations. Liaise with Uzbekenergo and local government to ensure that all compensations (social and environmental under the LARP and EMP) are paid in a timely manner and that the right-of-way is cleared;

(ix) Monitor social development (gender), safeguards and Environment Management Plan (EMP) implementation and provide early warning of any potential safeguard risks;

(x) Monitor implementation progress and identify what actions and resources are required to address the EPC needs to achieve the schedule and how the proposed project could be best implemented;

(xi) Inspect materials before shipment upon arrival and upon erection;

(xii) Review the contractor’s test procedures for compliance with manufacturers’ requirements and design criteria. TheFirm will witness selected tests and review the test results and submit a report;

(xiii) Prepare quarterly payment reports, ensure claim management, manage project account and analyze the causes of delay, if any;

(xiv) Monitor the execution of the project components in line with the project time schedules and the work programs provided by the contractors;

(xv) In line with the work programs of the contractors, prepare and advise Uzbekenergo on the outage planning of existing facilities during implementation;

(xvi) Coordinate safety measures between live components in operation and components under construction. Giving advice and, when required, provide training to the executing agency on safety planning and safety measures;

(xvii) Conduct factory inspections and performance tests within the framework of the supply contracts;

(xviii) Verify contractor’s work and issue certification of payment to the contractor;

(xix) Certify invoices, prepare withdrawal applications and keep records of any disbursement under the project. Prepare and regularly update the forecast disbursement schedules;

(xx) Prepare project financial statements recording the project expenditures, prepare annual financial reports ready for auditing by independent auditors; manage cash flows and set up financial management information system;

(xxi) Identify any problem areas during project implementation, proposing remedial actions, and promptly report any outstanding issues to the executing agency;

(xxii) Conduct field visits and appropriate tests at regular and appropriate times during construction, testing and commissioning;

(xxiii) Compare as-built drawings to design,

(xxiv) Assist in commissioning activities;

(xxv) Review and certify the commissioning test reports submitted by the contractors/ suppliers; attend the commissioning phase; establish the list of deficiencies after commissioning; and prepare a time frame for the contractors/suppliers to remedy the deficiencies. Establish a monitoring program for the use of the executing agency;

(xxvi) Prepare and issue provisional acceptance certificates for the works, as well as for spare parts. Prepare the final taking-over certificates, along with the final payments to be issued by Uzbekenergo after the end of the warranty period and the remedy of all deficiencies;

(xxvii) Monitor Uzbekenergo compliance with the loan agreement and project agreement covenants and report to ADB; track project outputs, outcomes and impacts against the project’s design and monitoring framework;

(xxviii) Prepare monthly progress reports, quarterly reports, project completion report, and other reports deemed necessary by Uzbekenergo and/or ADB;

(xxix) Address shortcomings in any of these areas; and

(xxx) Provide additional services as reasonably requested by Uzbekenergo to complete the Project

2. Capacity development for Uzbenergo and key solar stakeholders, Uzbenergo subsidiaries, and design institutes.

(i) Identify key solar stakeholders and beneficiaries for the capacity development plans

(ii) Develop and implement an institutional capacity development plan for Uzbekenergo and key solar stakeholders and beneficiaries.

The Firm shall provide additional services as reasonably requested by Uzbekenergo to complete the Project.

Plazo límite para la presentación de la EOI: Antes del 19 de Marzo de 2014
Monto de la licitación 7.000.000 USD
Gestión, organización y supervisión ADB
Cinderella Tiangco
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