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IK4-CIDETEC, Research & Technology Centre belonging to the IK4 Research Alliance, specialises in generating and transferring knowledge and technology in the areas of Materials (Nanomaterials, Biomaterials and Sensors), Surfaces (Ceramic and Metallic Coatings, Surface Processing) and Energy (Batteries, Fuel Cells and Materials for Energy systems). Our mission is to enhance business competitiveness and capacity for innovation through the development of new products and processes. We aim to become strategic allies of our clients, helping them define their innovation strategies and providing information and technology solutions that add value to their businesses.IK4-CIDETEC had an annual turnover of 10M€ in 2013 and at the present time employs a highly qualified staff of 125 people, 50% of them PhDs. CIDETEC has an outstanding performance in EU funded projects. In FP7 has been involved in 34 projects. Six of the FP7 projects have been coordinated by IK4-CIDETEC: 5 NMP (ORION, GREENLION, ECLIPSE, PneumoNP, MARS-EV) and 1 AAT (IN-LIGHT).

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RamónTena ZaeraResponsable Unidad

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SGT1: Tecnologías de generación + BOS. Coordinado por IES-UPM

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RamónTena ZaeraIK4-CIDETEC94