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IREC’s description

The Catalonia Institute for Energy Research was created in 2008 to contribute to the objective of creating a more sustainable future for energy usage and consumption, keeping in mind the economic competitivity and providing society with the maximum level of energy security.
This contribution is done through scientific and technological development in the field of energy in a dual-approach. The research requires a long-term vision which allows the identification of future challenges in energy. The technology development is focused on businesses industrial collaboration to implement innovative solutions to market.

IREC’s mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of society and increase corporate competitiveness via:
• Innovation and development of new technological products;
• Medium and long-term research; and
• Development of scientific and technological knowledge in the field of energy.

IREC aims at becoming a center of excellence and an international benchmark organization in the established technological fields of action through research, technology development and innovation, working in coordination with the Administration, corporations and universities.
IREC research activities focus on two main areas: Advanced Materials for Energy and Energy Efficiency in Systems, Communities and Buildings. Each area has its own specialized research groups, responding to contemporary challenges in innovative research and technological development. The strategy of the Institute is based on the right balance between these activities, with a strong emphasis on the transfer of the research and development results towards industry.

Group’s description

The SEMS group belongs to the Area of Advanced Materials for Energy. The Group has a strong know-how and experience in the development and advanced characterization of emerging thin film, photovoltaic technologies, including sustainable technologies free of critical raw materials (CRM), as well as new device concepts for advanced device functionality as innovative transparent contacts for thin film inorganic transparent and bifacial devices. IREC-SEMS constitutes one of the reference groups at world level on the development of CRM-free PV technologies, being one of the three leading European groups reporting the highest CRM-free chalcogenide-based efficiencies without the use of hazardous compounds.

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